How Mechanical Engineering has developed over the years ?, English homework help

The assignment is to write a research paper that is about “Caffeine: “How Mechanical Engineering has developed over the years ?”. There is no specific structure for the assignment. Therefore, you are free to write it the way you like. I have an assignment requirement attached also an annotated bibliography that you can take the information from. also you are free to add whatever information form you sources. Keeping in mind that you have to have them cited both in the in text citation and the cited work page. I don’t have a specific outline for it. But I suggest mentioning things like what engineers brought to the world like impacts. also mentioning engineering disasters such as Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapse. Please note that the wording should be simple and to hard to interpret.


MLA style

8 to 9 cited pages,

in-text citations

work cited page “Alphabetically”.

I have attached the Annotated Bibliography with links to the sources