How EssayGig works:

Our website has a colourful, user-friendly GUI. You can find all the essential details about us on the homepage. Vital tools such as the cost estimating calculator are on the index page too. We conspicuously publish further information about us on the navigation bar. All students saying: “I need someone to write my essay for me” will find the site very useful. They can locate all common questions about well answered on the homepage.

Our order placement process is among the simplest in the market. If you pose the question: “Can you write my essay” to, the answer would be yes. The process would be as follows:

    1. Step 1. Fill an order form and hit the submit button. If there is a part you don’t understand, contact us immediately. A customer support representative will be there to help.
    1. Step 2. Talk to a writer. Our pool of writers reviews your instructions and sends you proposals. Sample them and contact the writer of your choice. Our support is ready to recommend an author if you have trouble choosing.
    1. Step 3. Make a payment. We require a percentage of the total essay value. After the down payment, we get to work. Your order will be ready before your deadline.
    1. Step 4. Download your paper. Our writer submits your finalized essay. You will receive a notification that the order is complete. We require that you pay the full amount before downloading.
That’s all. All that is left is for you to ace your essays!

Open– Contains the projects you have posted, currently bidden or not yet received any bid but has not been assigned any writer

Pending Acceptance– Contains the projects you have already assigned a writer, awaiting confirmation

In Progress– Contain projects accepted by writers

Submitted– Projects completed by writers awaiting your approval

Approved– Finished projects and fully paid

Revision– Projects you have asked your writer to fix few errors before approval