help prevent the negative influences of media, parenting, and the nuclear family, psychology homework help

Consider how their beliefs may be different from your own, and suggest possible strategies and/or activities that will enhance positive influences on child growth and development.

Personally, I believe Television and Media can help teach our children a lot.To prevent negative influence of the media and television, it is important to keep parent locks on your child’s television, ipads, and tablets. It is also important to know what shows your child is interested in and maybe incorporate family movie/show time to watch those shows as a family. My 3 year old daughter loves watching youtube. Before I understood certain things she was watching wasn’t child appropriate, I let her watch whatever, not knowing the effects. Now, she can only go on certain cites and look at child appropriate things. Her television also stays on either sprout or Disney junior. She also watches PBS. Although we live in an ever-changing world and can’t protect our children from everything, this is a start. To avoid bias, I will listen to my children and accept that they may like certain things I don’t agree with, but give them an opportunity to venture out.

Personally, I believe new Parenting styles have started destroying the potential our children can have. Parents are more prone to being friends and fit in with the Jones’s versus actually raising their child. To prevent negative influences in parenting, it is important to be involved with your child and their day-to-day activities and school. You can have certain rules, lay the law down when needed, support your child, comfort them and have respect at the same time. Growing up for me, my parents were our friends, but they were our parents first. We had curfews, were to do our homework as soon as we got in from school (after our snack), had household chores, but were also free to do what we wanted afterwards. It only took maybe an hour or so for all of our homework to be completed, so after we were done and our parents checked it, we were able to go outside, talk on the phone, play video games, whatever. My parents were very involved with our school, so they had a close relationship with our teachers and knew when we had a test, projects, anything. There was a balance in my home that everyone understood, and it worked. To avoid bias, I will be a parent that never stops learning and adapt to the changing environment.

Personally, I believe the changing Nuclear Family is coming back around to longer marriages and togetherness. To prevent the negative influence in a breaking nuclear family, it is important to keep a friendship, or at least, a cordial relationship to help prevent the negativity it can have on the children. If possible, the parents should try to continue to celebrate birthdays and other important events together to show the children that although they aren’t together anymore, can still come together and have fun. It also reinforces to everyone involved that not all divorcing or separating parents are part of the stereotypical “fighting” parents. To avoid bias, I will continue to have talks with my children and be the parent they need. I will also continue working on my relationship with my husband, remembering why we got married in the first place. My husband and I are religious, so it is important for us to pray as a family and continue doing family activities.