help prevent the negative influences of media, parenting, and the nuclear family, psychology homework help

Consider how their beliefs may be different from your own, and suggest possible strategies and/or activities that will enhance positive influences on child growth and development.

Explain what you can do to help prevent the negative influences of media, parenting, and the nuclear family, and ensure their positive influence on child growth and development. Share your own beliefs about these three areas, and how you will avoid any personal bias in your approach.

Technology is enhancing every day, and children are becoming more reliant on it. I know that I have always said that I will never give my child my phone to calm them down, or distract them, but in some cases you just give in. To help prevent negative influence of media I will not allow any type of technology or social media in the classroom or homes until the child in 8 years old. I will allow my child 1 hour of technology a day, only when their homework is done. I will stress the importance of outside, and how playing activities outside is very good for your body and exercise.

To help prevent negative parenting, I want my children and students to know that they can come talk to me at any time, especially if they are upset or are having any kind of problem. Parenting can be hard at times and the children need to know that their parents love them no matter what.

To prevent nuclear family, I want the children to know that every family is not perfect and sometimes families drift apart. Some live in separate homes, some parents get divorced, and some work out of state. There is no reason for them to think it’s their fault, and if they have any questions they should always feel welcomed to ask.