Finish the white paper


Now it is time to put all the pieces together for your white paper report.

Go back and take a look at your discussion posts, your drafts & your peer evaluation comments, and put together a cohesive document.

NOTE: You should have two peer reviews posted in your discussion thread. Some students misread the instructions for the peer review, so you may have none, one, two, or even three peer reviews. I have not commented on the strength or reliability of the peer reviews, so you may use them, ignore them, or be selective.

It is important that you:

  • identify a problem in the Introduction,
  • discuss the problem and related issues in the Discussion,
  • offer a potential solution in the Recommendations, and
  • document your sources of information in Sources.

Reading assignment:

Review TETW chapters 1-7.

Discussion assignment:




Peer/group assignment:


Written assignment:

White paper reportDO NOT use a template; use chapter 5 tips

Cover page

  • Title of your report (Job title/company name)
  • Your name
  • Date
  • Word count (do not include the cover page or sources in this count)


  • Use “Introduction” as section heading
  • Should be 150 to 200 words
  • Single-space
  • Use multiple paragraphs
    • See chapters 1 & 6, and page 115 for tips


  • Use “Discussion” as section heading
  • Should be 550 to 800 words
  • Single-space
  • Use multiple paragraphs
  • Include resource information with proper citations
  • Incorporate visual images with proper captions
    • See chapters 3, 4 & 6, and pages 131-136 for tips


  • Use “Recommendations” as section heading
  • Should be 150 to 200 words
  • Single-space
  • Use multiple paragraphs or bullets
    • Do not use “in my opinion” for recommendations (let the discussion section justify your choices)
    • See chapter 2 for tips


  • Use “Sources” as section heading
  • Should be at least seven sources; no maximum restrictions
  • Single-space
  • Skip line between each source
  • List in alphabetical order by author’s last name or title of article
  • Do not include database or search engine links – just the actual journal or magazine information (author, title, journal name, date of publication, page numbers)
  • Remove hyperlinks
    • Sources should not be numbered, bulleted, or listed as end notes
    • See chapter 7 for tips


Points will automatically be deducted for:

Problem Deductions
Using a running header or footer, or using a template minus 15 points
Not using required section headings minus 25 points
Not single-spacing minus 25 points
Not using citations for quoting or paraphrasing sourced materials minus 25 points
Not adding a caption to images minus 15 points
Insufficient word count minus 25 points
Incorrect file name or PDF format (.pdf.pdf or .docx.pdf is wrong) minus 25 points

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