FAS-202: Module 2 Discussionn, social science homework help

I am needing a short post (2 paragraphs) for the following discussion question:

Choose a work of Rococo or Neoclassical art and relate it to a contemporary work or social construct. What are some of the shared ideals or values that you see expressed, both in Rococo or Neoclassical art and in contemporary society?

Please use MLA citations if including reference.

I will also need 2 peer responses created. (Must be written as if speaking directly to the poster.) Please see the post created by my classmates below:

1) Young Girl Reading, Jean-Honore´ Fragonard, 1776, French, Oil on Canvas.

Young Girl Reading

We all get absorbed in a good book from time to time. In this particular piece of art it gives a sense of warmth and happiness. It is hard not to notice the brush strokes in the painting especially in her dress and the pillow. The brush strokes give the portrait texture. They are delicate and not hard. The pillow is large and gives a feeling of comfort with the use of the white paint to make you understand the light shining on her. The background is simple and therefore the viewer’s eye gets drawn back to the pastel colors that are on the girl and in the pillow.

The definition of Rococo is a late Baroque artistic style that was lighter and more playful and used ornate decorations, pastel colors, and asymmetrical arrangement of shell-like curves. In this piece the girls bow and collar are very detailed with shading to give it depth. The girls red checks make you understand her innocence.

The values and ideals are similar in this Rococo piece as in the contemporary piece, Young Girl Reading a Book by Michael Pracht, 2014, Texas, Oil on Canvas. Fragonard paints warmth in his picture of the girl reading by using light brushstrokes and pastel colors to give the illusion of light shining on her. Pracht uses similar shading techniques to give the feeling of happiness in the painting. In Pracht’s piece, he uses harder brush strokes and more vivid colors but you still get the warmth from the painting. Although Pracht’s piece is much more modern due to the lines and cartoon like shapes, the girls face still exudes the contentment similar to that of Fragonard’s girl.

Young Girl Reading a Book, Michael Pracht, 2014, Texas, Oil on Canvas.

Young Girl Reading a Book

2) Raymond Shirley

The two paintings I would like to compare are:

Contemporary Style:

A Painting (I couldn’t find the name), but titled

Victor Man at Galerie Neu by Victor Man


Rocco Style:

The Blue Boy by Thomas Gainsborugh

These two pieces of art, both paintings, are from two different periods of art but they do have similarities between them. They both have mysterious blank stares, that makes me want to look harder and figure out more about them. They both seem to be younger but both have a maturity shadow to them also. Both of their facial features depict their youthfulness but the one painting of the person holding a knife and the other painting, with the outfit and stance give me the mature vibe to them.