English research paper Bibliographies

I need u to write the thesis state about United State shouldn’t place the THAAD(the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense System) in South Korean.

write the three reason to complete the theme state. and 4 Annotated Bibliographies.

For the requirement of the bibliography
Annotated Bibliographies
Finding sources for your research paper is the first step; you also need to evaluate each source and understand how it will impact your research. You will write four annotated bibliographies on your sources. An annotated bibliography lists the sources (using proper documentation; see pages 411-451 in Inventing Arguments for the description of the MLA and the APA documentation styles), and will give a word summary of each source and its relevance to your research (this assignment description so far is 77 words). You will write one bibliography for each of the following:
• Four internet sites (wikipedia or any other on-line encyclopedia is not acceptable)
• Four periodicals (news papers or popular magazines)
• Three peer-reviewed journal articles (we will discuss these in the library tutorial day)
• Two books (encyclopedias, and dictionaries do not count; textbooks require my approval)