english language in America

See Syllabus for Reading List and Videos

Prompt: The United States of America is frequently described as a “melting pot” in many documents. This idea is supported by the fact that people from different regions speak diverse languages. There are also some people in the United States of America who feel that English should be the dominant language and that all residents and citizens should speak English language always or at least in public spaces. Write a five-paragraph essay to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of only one language in America and its effect on this nation that claims that it is a multicultural society.

To support your essay, watch the video and any other document in the syllabus on multi-culture and language in America.

Please follow the essay guideline set out in the MLA format, which includes but is not limited to:

1. An introduction with a thesis

2. Body paragraphs with clear topic sentences and three or more supporting details that are cohesive and with evidence of research from the articles and videos discussed in class

3. A good conclusion, restating your thesis and summarizing your arguments.

4. Good grammar, sentences, and punctuation- Edit your essay

5. Correct in-text citation format. You MUST do quotes and do intext citation from at least one of the documents in the syllabus.

6. Correct Work Cited Page. You must have a Work Cited page

7. Good formatting and Organization

Use the editing document on Blackboard to edit your paper!

Any sign of plagiarism will result in a failing grade and other disciplinary actions