english assignment

Develop an original graph, chart, or table that illustrates a point you made in either your Week 7 Persuasive Research Essay or your Week 9 Comparative Research Essay. Please make sure to develop the graph, chart, or table for the same essay you are having peer reviewed this week in place of discussion. If you need to look for new research to use in your graph, chart, or table, this is fine. Otherwise, feel free to create an original graph, chart, or table illustrating knowledge you have already presented. Tables, pie charts, bar graphs, and line graphs are all acceptable options. Your graph, chart, or table must be original, which means you have created it yourself.

Key Elements to Remember

In APA formatting, you will reference the graph where appropriate within the body of the essay. For instance, when discussing the information in the graph, chart, or table, you would write: (See graph in Figure 1.). Then the actual table or graph would be inserted on the last page of the essay after your References page.

When labeling your graph, chart, or table, label it as a Figure (for charts and graphs) or as a Table (for tables). Include a title for your graph, chart, or table. For tables, the label of Table 1 should be used and italicized and the title also should be italicized with each major word capitalized. For charts and graphs, the word Figure 1 should be italicized, but the title should not be italicized. All major words in the title should be capitalized. See examples below.

Reference information should be noted. See examples below.

All appropriate information in a graph or a chart should be identified in a legend.

I have attached a copy of my week 7 Essay to use.