english Argumentative Research Paper help

Argumentative Research Paper—Project #3

Using your same topics from the Exploratory Paper and the Annotated Bibliography—in which you have been exploring a particular problem—write an 8-10 page research paper. Look at something that needs to be changed, or an idea that needs to be rethought. Develop an understanding of its causes and develop a possible solution. Argue for that solution or that causal relationship.

Requirements for the paper:

  • Create a focused, manageable and relevant claim that you can support through evidence found through research and through critical thinking. Include specific, appropriate and relevant evidence from a minimum of three scholarly sources.
  • Organize your evidence logically in order to create a reasoned argument that provides strong support for your claim (and make sure you specifically explain how the evidence supports your claim).
  • Apply cultural understanding to your claim. For instance, are there cultural elements (age, gender, ethnicity, race, religion, etc.) that you need to consider about your audience in order to make your argument convincing?
  • Use language that is appropriate to your audience and for this rhetorical context.
  • Utilize appropriate mechanics that includes correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation and appropriate documentation in MLA format
  • Aim for a paper that is 8 – 10 pages long.

Purpose: Using your skills of analysis, critique, observation, description, persuasion, argument and research, write a compelling argument for the stand you have taken.

Audience: Readers who are aware of the issue, but who may not have taken their own stand as of yet. We are intelligent and sympathetic, but not naive. We want to be shown why we should believe your argument.

Persona: One who really believes in the issue she/he is writing about. You are someone who has something at stake in the issue. You can write in a traditional, Classical Argument, Toulmin Argument, or Rogerian Argument.

8-10 Pages long

3 Sources

MLA Documentation

Rubric for English 201, Students will: show evidence of academic literacy by employing the types of critical thinking and research skills needed to communicate within a variety of academic contexts: utilize appropriate discourse conventions that included reasoned arguments, organized ideas, appropriate documentation and format, and language that is correct and appropriate for the context; and apply cultural understanding in their work to show awareness that all discourse is culturally determined.

Do not use as your sources Encyclopedias, Dictionaries of, or Guides to, ProCon, CQ Researcher, CREDO Reference.

Use only scholarly sources. You can look up what scholarly sources are on the Rice Library Research Guide Page, on Purdue Owl Website, or look in our book on pp. 306-409.