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Paraphrase the following information and include an in-text citation in MLA style.

Source: Brown, Peter C.. Make It Stick (pp. 43-44). Harvard University Press. Kindle Edition.

Write your paraphrase and in-text citation below (do not write a works cited entry):

?Answers will vary, but response needs to avoid quoting the whole thing, excerpting chunks of the original text, or leaving out important ideas.

(Brown pp. 43-44).

Effortful retrieval makes for stronger learning and retention. We’re easily seduced into believing that learning is better when it’s easier, but the research shows the opposite: when the mind has to work, learning sticks better. The greater the effort to retrieve learning, provided that you succeed, the more that learning is strengthened by retrieval. After an initial test, delaying subsequent retrieval practice is more potent for reinforcing retention than immediate practice, because delayed retrieval requires more effort.

Repeated retrieval not only makes memories more durable but produces knowledge that can be retrieved more readily, in more varied settings, and applied to a wider variety of problems.

While cramming can produce better scores on an immediate exam, the advantage quickly fades because there is much greater forgetting after rereading than after retrieval

Your paraphrase and in-text citation below: