Economic Espionage (538)

Please separate each answer by numbering them according to the questions. 250 words atleast for each question and in APA format.

1) Referring to Nasheri’s chapter one, thoroughly relate and explain what you consider the “three” key dimensions of Economic Espionage. Clearly identify and separate each dimension into its own answer section.

2) Referring to Nasheri’s chapter one, comprehensively explain the criminalization of Trade Secret Theft. Essentially, in simple terms, how did we get to where we are now?

3) In reference to the international impact of espionage, explain: 1. How new technology threatens business 2. Competitive and economic intelligence 3. Risks

4) Clearly and thoroughly distinguish competitiveness and legal collection versus espionage and economic crime. Provide examples of each to clearly illustrate and differentiate between the terms.