ece353 intro response post j,r,

In your responses, connect with your peers about similar or different professional aspirations, commonalities in your coursework, and/or experiences working with children. Respond to the response below.

I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 18 years and we have a beautiful 10-year old daughter.

I have a fairly long history of working with children, dating back to my teenage years.I first realized how much I loved working with children when I became old enough to teach Vacation Bible School.I enjoyed working with children.As I got older, I took advantage of a multitude of other opportunities to work with children such as babysitting, teaching Sunday School and working as a substitute teacher for a Mother’s Day Out program.Later, I worked as a co-teacher for the pre-k Mother’s Day Out classroom.I continued to work at a child development center for 6 years before I became a teacher’s aide for the elementary building at the private school that my daughter attended.I am now in my second year of teaching 2nd grade at that school.It has been my joy to be able to observe various levels of early childhood development throughout my teaching experience and as a mom.

My education goals are to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Educational Studies and continue my profession as an elementary school teacher.I am scheduled to graduate in October!

Within this course, I am most interested in learning about the environmental and genetic influences on brain development and cognitive functioning.I hope that by gaining a better understanding of how these things effect brain development and cognitive functioning that I will be able to better understand my students.

I think that nurture has influenced my own cognitive development because of the support that I received at home growing up.I was strongly encouraged to perform at my best and expectations for grades were high.I believe that my parents’ encouragement and outlook on academic performance influenced my own outlook and motivated me to read more, study hard, and develop a good work ethic.