discussion question on EBP

For this small group discussion, discuss the following:

First post due by Wednesday @ 11:59PM. In first post, each student must address ALL components of the discussion board (i.e., all 4 questions) in order to be eligible for full discussion points. Please follow Discussion Rubric. Discussion board closes on Sunday @ 11:59PM.

1. Identify and describe a clinical issue you are interested in addressing. How is this a researchable clinical issue?

2. Conduct a search for a quantitative article relevant to the clinical issue you are interested in addressing. Describe the search strategy used, including which database(s) and key search terms you used.

3. Attach the article you have selected.

4. Identify and discuss the theoretical framework used by the researchers/authors. What significance does this theoretical framework have to the research design presented in the article?

Additional note on my part it could be anything related to health care issue that will be my preference if not whatever issue you chose will also be ok with me.I was thinking about ventilator acquired pneumonia. Let me know if u have time thank you. Its worth max 10 points