discuss how you can be prepared for the passing of your love

Covering the concepts in the Epilogue, discuss how you can be prepared for the passing of your loved ones and make preparations for yourself in order to eliminate confusion when the time comes to assure that you experience a “good death” as described in the text. We read horror stories in the news about children or parents arguing about whether to pull the plug on parents or children for whom doctors have no hope of recovery. Obviously the children who are unconscious will have no choice in the matter. However, we as adults can have some control over what will happen to us if we become unable to make rational choices about our health care, whether we should be sent to hospice or whether every medical intervention available should be used to maintain our life as long as possible. These are difficult topics, but I’ve come to realize they involve issues about which we need to be informed and which require decisions we might prefer to make for ourselves. I’ve told my family what I wish to happen to me in extreme circumstances, and I’ve completed the paperwork so that doctors are aware of my wishes, including what should be done afterward. I hope I’ve left nothing to argue about. Due by May 7.