Complete the discussion assignment


It is wise to document or prove that you have used factual (and verifiable) professional sources in your report.

Using certain standards for providing this documentation can help others locate the source later.

Reading assignment:

Read The Elements of Technical Writing, chapter 7.

Discussion assignment:

You should have seven (7) sources for the white paper report. While you may have simply provided links or used the SVSU database information, now comes the time for you to provide that information so others can go to that source.

1. List your seven sources – the internet links are fine for now. For your final report you will have to “translate” the sources.

2. Translate one of your sources into a standard format that is listed in chapter 7. For example, p. 90 lists examples for database information (Note: the database access information is not included), and p. 92 shows you how to present a web source.

3. NOTE: Definitions from dictionaries or encyclopedias are general information, and not considered professional documentation, and will not be accepted as sources.

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Peer/group assignment:


NOTE: Peer review comments will be posted to your dream job thread by the end of the week.

Written assignment: