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Applying your suggestions from Part 1 of this discussion, locate at least two credible websites related to Human Services research. Based on the insights gained, discuss ways in which a human services researcher can make contributions to research within the social science field, which are different from those made by researchers in other areas of social research.

One credible website that relates to Human Services research is titled Human Services Research Institute ( Another credible website is the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services website ( Both of these websites are credible and up to date sites that can be utilized.

Human services researchers can delve more deeply into the effectiveness of programs, whom it will be benefiting and whether the individuals the program was targeted for are utilizing the programs designed to assist them; “program evaluators are most interested in answering questions about the effectiveness of a particular program” (Argosy University, 2017).

Now, take a look at your community or the society as a whole. Discuss 2–3 human services problems that you have experienced or witnessed.

The first human service problem I have witnessed is the number of children that die in abusive homes even after the Department of Child Safety (DCS) is involved, especially when there has been more than one incident.

Another human service problem that takes place all too often is members of the military, current or retired, not receiving the medical benefits they are entitled to, this is an ongoing issue, with too many veterans either dying from lack of care or committing suicide due to lack of mental health services.

On the basis of these problems, brainstorm 2–3 research questions that could lead to research for addressing or better understanding these issues.

Why is the Department of Child Safety returning child to abusive homes where more than one incident has occurred and not checking in on the child more frequently?

How can the Department of Child Safety recruit more social service workers to help advocate and protect these children?

Why is there so many veterans having to wait months on end to receive the medical care they need and deserve?

Why can an individual who receives state paid medical assistance get in to see a physician than someone who fought for our country?


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Part 1.

What criteria should be considered when locating credible information through the Internet? Discuss at least 2–3 key criteria.

Professional website:Domain- What is the domain of the page? You should look for edu., org, or gov.

Source-How did you find the page?Was it cited or linked from a previous scholarly source or another reputable website?

Publisher- Who publishes the page?

What are some of the key red flags that indicate that a website might not be a credible source? Discuss at least 2–3 key points that might indicate a red flag.

A blog may not be a credible source because it is based on some one’s opinion.The misleading part for me is if the person is titled as a doctor or other professional.They are still rendering their opinion.

A peer review article was published but the publication is too old.