Chapter Review questions and chapter reader questions

Chapter 8 Review

  1. How would you apply the basic tools of critical reading to the analysis of visual arguments in art, advertising, editorial cartoons, and news photos?
  2. Explain how the persuasive elements in advertising work.
  3. Explain how the persuasive elements in editorial cartoons create an argument.
  4. Explain how the various elements in news photographs create arguments.
  5. Explain how graphics (tables, charts, and graphs) can enhance a written argument.

Chapter 8 Reader Questions: “Your Post-Workout Protein Shake Should Be Loaded with Insects”

“Your Post-Workout Protein Shake Should Be Loaded With Insects” by Daniella Martin

  1. Using the graph and other images used in the article, answer the following questions:
    a. Who is the target audience?
    b. What claim is the image supporting?
    c. What shared history or cultural assumptions – or warrants – do the image(s) make?
    d. What is the supporting evidence?

2. Paging through a favorite magazine,find an ad that you find interesting and effective. Then imagine that you are the creative director of the team who will put this ad together. Write a memo to your staff describing the ad you wish to see created. Explain the persuasive function of each element in the ad and why you think it will work to sell the product you are advertising.