Career Assessment Plan(make it up)

You will submit a minimum of 4 full pages, double-spaced, font size 12.  This paper is a reflection on your career goals with a career assessment plan which focuses on the following items:

Answer each of the areas posed.  

My career path is Fashion Business (buyer ect)


1) Identify and explain what Knowledge, Skills and Abilities you possess which you believe would interest an employer.  (Think about what you have to offer an employer.  What computer skills do you have? What skills have you gained through work experience?   What specialized courses have you taken that would interest an employer?)

2) Identify both your short-term (3-5 years) and long-term (5-10 years) career goals. (Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years and where would you like to be careerwise in 5-10 years?)

3) Given your career goals and in light of your current knowledge, skills and abilities, identify what specific action steps you believe are needed to achieve both your short and long-term career goals. You must also provide a specific timeline for implementing these steps.  (BE SPECIFIC.  What do you plan to do in order to reach your short term and long term goals.  You should have a 10 year timeline indicating the steps you will be taking in order to reach your goals.)