can someone write this video assingment for me?

Watch this video…….Do you agree with this travel ban and how it has affected many Americans on a personal level?

If you were in the position of President of the United States, what would you do in the situation of needing to provide security to the nation but also wanting to ensure that we remain a nation of opportunity for everyone who wishes to come here?

Title: Protests Erupt Worldwide Against Travel Ban Despite Washington Judge’s Ruling
Date: Feb 4, 2017
Duration: 00:03:34

Video Assignments

There are a total of 4 video assignments within this course (1 per unit). Video Assignments can be found in Lesson 1, Lesson 6, Lesson 7 and Lesson 12). The objective of the video assignment is to review the video link that is provided, respond to the provided questions and provide an insightful and intellectual response. Unlike the discussion board assignment, the video assignments will not be debated and discussed with other members of this class. The submission is solely for my viewing.

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Student response to Article Review 10
Critical Thinking is evident through complete annd thoughtful response 10
Spelling and Grammar 5
Total 25