bullying- annotated bibliography

Topic: Bullying (be specific on which type of bullying you are going for).

Prepare an annotated bibliography of FOUR-FIVE sources.

  • a chapter from a book
  • two scholarly or professional journal articles
  • one newspaper article (could be print or online)
  • one internet site, preferably a professional organization or advocacy group in your discipline (may not be a news source).

Format: Each entry will include the following:

  • correctly formatted citation in the style appropriate to your discipline
  • brief summary, including main idea and supporting points (4-6 sentences)
  • at least one quotation from the source
  • appropriate parenthetical documentation for quoted material (formatted for the style you are using).
  • author’s background, including degrees, professional experience, and/or other publications (1-2 sentences)
  • evaluation of the article itself (how it is written), including the author’s use of sufficient evidence from credible sources, bias, and consideration of the opposing point of view (1-2 sentences)
  • specific explanation of how can you use this source if writing a research essay (1 sentence)

The bibliography will be arranged in alphabetical order.

Do this in APA Style.