Briefly explain the Rights of Delegation and the potential error(s) that can occur with each when delegating a task.

After viewing the video, “Delegation” and reading in your textbook, post your answers to the following questions.

  1. Briefly explain the Rights of Delegation and the potential error(s) that can occur with each when delegating a task.
  2. Discuss how these delegation errors be prevented?

The five rights of delegation include the right task, right circumstances, right person, right
communication and the right feedback.
The right task involves determining the task that can be safely delegated first of all. This would involve
things such as having the knowledge and skills of how to perform task and how to evaluate when a task
is successful or has failed. The outcome of the task must be predictable with not many risks and not
many changes in procedure. The policies and procedures of the organization should in no way prohibit
the delegated person from performing their task. The tasks should not be complex and should not
require critical thinking within the nursing process. The potential error of this delegation is delegating
the wrong task in which a task needs to be done solely by the nurse and this can have effect devastating
effect in the outcome.
The right circumstances involve the patient being stable and a predictable outcome. The decision to
delegate must be based on the process of the nursing system and there should be a careful analysis of
what the patient really needs and the reason/circumstances why delegation is needed. Sometime the
circumstances do not need a delegate and as a result of that the process might take too long or is not
done effectively
The right person involves delegating an individual who possess and has fully demonstrated having the
knowledge and appropriate skills and resources with which to the perform the task effectively and to
provide enough supervision and making proper evaluation in order to ensure that the patient is safe and
getting the required treatment for the best outcome (Kelly, 2010). An error in this delegation involves
choosing someone who may have had the skills and knowledge in doing the task but may have forget
how to do it effectively because of some illness or so forth.
The right communication involves the nurse being able to properly communicate with the individual they
have delegated in finding out that they have the needed documentation which shows their appropriate
skills and knowledge. They should also be ready and waiting if the delegate has any questions or
concerns relating to the patient whom needs to addressed right away. The nurse should also ensure that
she communicates with the delegate as often as possible whether or not there is a concern (Kelley,
2010). An error in this situation involves the nurse not communicating as effectively as possible with the
delegatee or vice versa and ignoring or forgetting some useful information in the communication
The right feedback involves the nurse making proper and immediate follow up and receives report on
the task that they have delegated if the delegatee fails to do so. The nurse has the responsibility of
ensuring compliance with standards of care and the procedures and policies of the hospital. The nurse
also has to ensure that she gets the necessary documentation of the process that has been taken. She
then has to evaluate the patient and the outcome and then if there are any changes to be made she has
to do it. She should also provide feedback to the delegate and show her appreciation for their work. An
error in this situation involves and ignoring or forgetting some useful information within the feedback
and not giving it to the important persons who should receive it.

Discuss how these delegation errors be prevented?
Delegating the wrong task and in the right circumstances can be prevented by doing a thorough research
to ensure that the right task is delegated and the right circumstances as well. As it relates to the right
person, the nurse should do a thorough research and examination of the person in mind, Also try to
choose those who have recently (not more than 6 months) worked in the desired field or those still
working in the field. Ensure that they have very good and reliable references. Adding to that in terms of
communication both nurses and delegatee should have all contact information for each other or the
most important ones so that they can get through to each other in the call of an emergency and so that
each other can know what is taking place. Adding to that in terms of feedback both parties should write
down everything that is needed to know about the process and it is best that they give bits and pieces of
updates as often as possible so as not to forget anything.
Kelly, P. (2010) Essentials of Nursing Leadership & Management (2nd edition). Delmar Learning: USA