Born to talk 5th edition, make a Test

Students will please write (make-up) 30 Multiple Choice Questions/Answers from the Textbook Reading: Three will come from each of the Ten Chapters (or the Appendix if there is no Chapter 10 in your edition). For each question, please indicate the answer, AND the page number used to make up the question. Each question should have a complete statement followed by five choices for an answer (A through E). The answers to each question are to be indicated in some manner, like an asterisk or in capitol letters. For example:

·         8. The focus of this lecture was…

A. Tropical Agriculture

B. Family Planning

C. Frustration


E. All of the above

The indicated answer is D, but you do not have to use both the “*” sign and the capitalized letters as shown in “D.” Any one method will do, except please don’t use bold letters because they are often un-bolded in the email transmission.


An annotated citation of the Class Textbook should be included at the end of the paper. The comment part of the annotated bibliography should focus on the most important concept you learned from the Text.


I need someone who is able to do this assigment. Be sure that you have the book and understand the assignment.