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HR Policy Manual

 2 POwer Point slides with at least 200 words of speaker notes per slide and one scholarly source addressing the following:       In the past 2–5 years, employee handbooks and manuals have needed to be updated to include the use of social media and electronic devices. Using an employee handbook from a current […]


  True – False     Some arguments, while not completely valid, are almost valid.   If a deductive argument has true premises and a false conclusion, it is necessarily invalid.   Any single argument can have only one conclusion.   A statement may be legitimately spoken of as “valid” or “invalid.”   An argument […]

Psychology Homework

Watch one of the following movies: A Beautiful Mind (2001) Good Will Hunting (1997) Peaceful Warrior (2006) Rain Man (1988) Girl Interrupted One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest If you would like to use a different movie, you MUST get permission from your instructor first. Using the main characters in the movie you chose, answer […]

Networking II Homework

Intrasite vs Intersite Replication and Domain Functional LevelsAssume that you are an IT administrator for a company with an existing AD Forest. The company is adding two, new branch offices and you have been tasked with designing a replication strategy prior to DC deployment.Branch 1 will be connected to the Main Office via a pair […]


Intro to Information Security case study.  Read detial be shake.


investor cheung is interested in purchasing a 12000 square feet industrial property at 230 logan ave. but it must reflect a cap rate of atleast 9.5%. if the annual gross operating income is $305,000 and the annual expenses are $253,700, what is the maximum that chung would pay perr square feet. ?   a) $22.25 […]

HR system

Prepare a 4 page paper: • Describe the application architecture and process design. Include a high-level description of the security controls you recommend for the design of this HR system. • Apply the tools of systems analysis to describe the information system’s architecture in terms of data, processes, interfaces, and network. You can use a […]

Mathh Help!!

which of the following is the simplified form of the expression 3x^2-6x-9/x^2-3x-2