Art history, investigate an object the prehistoric aegean 300 words long, history homework help

This is going to be quick and easy, but I don’t really have time right now since I’m going out of town…

I’ll just give you a topic which will be the MYCENAEAN ART

This were my instructions:

  1. Include the title of the art object in your Blog title.
  2. Choose an art object from the time period covered in the module/chapter in the textbook. In your Blog include the artist’s/artists’ name[s] (or, if the artist is unknown, the culture that created it), title, where and when it was made, the materials used to create it, dimensions, and where it is currently located.
  3. Research the piece you’ve chosen to find accurate information about it that is not covered by this course. You must list at least one source. Your source must be reliable and peer-reviewed (Wikipedia is unacceptable!). Museum websites and Khan Academy are great sources. Include a link to your source.
  4. In your blog, present the information you’ve learned in your own words. Your blog must be at least 300 words long.

* Include a link, url, or (if using a source that isn’t digital) the title/author/format of your source.