Albert Mitchell is a 36-year-old man who will be traveling to Dubai to give a business presentation in 3 months.

Instructions: Read the following case study and answer the reflective questions. Please provide

rationales for your answers. Make sure to provide citations/references for your answers in APA



Albert Mitchell is a 36-year-old man who will be traveling to Dubai to give a business presentation in

3 months. Although he has travelled widely in the United States as a consultant, this is his first trip to

the Middle East.

He requests information regarding immunizations needed before his trip. Albert states that as he will

be in Dubai for only a few days, he is unlikely to contract a disease in such a short time and therefore

believes that it is illogical to obtain immunizations.

Albert states that he has heard that the side effects of the immunizations might be worse than the

diseases they prevent. He is also concerned about leaving his wife at home alone because she is 6

months pregnant.

Reflective Questions

1. How would you address Albert’s beliefs?

2. What learning would be needed in each domain?

3. What learning theories would you consider?

4. How might his family concerns be addressed


Answer & Explanation
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1. How would you address Albert’s beliefs? 

  • The Albert’s believe towards travelling a in a new place without immunization is a negative believe. Even though he is travelling for a few days to Dubai then come,  it doesn’t guarantee him that within the travelling premises, there are no disease or infections which he can come into contact with. Therefore he should accept being immunized before travelling in order to avoid being contracted or rather contracting the disease to a new are, Dubai. This will make him stay safe before and after travelling when interacting with his fellows within the trip and his family when he will come back home.

2. What learning would be needed in each domain? 

  • Clinical psychology learning domain – This involves study thought processes and focus on topics like perception, language, attention, problem solving, memory, judgment and decision making, forgetting, and intelligence. This will make Albert able to realize the importance of immunization while traveling in a new places.
  • Health psychology learning domain -This  shows the study of psychological and behavioral processes in health, illness and immune systems, and the early finding that the functioning of the immune system. This will direct one whether immunization is worthy while travelling.
  • Education psychology learning domain – This involve creating an awareness to the people able the importance of health and the best implications as as a result of such  health application strategies.
  • Cognitive psychology ;earning domain – This learning involves e recalling or recognition of specific facts, procedural patterns, and concepts that serve in the development of intellectual abilities and skills

3. What learning theories would you consider?

  • Behaviorist theory -It states all behaviors are learned through interaction with the environment through a process called conditioning.
  • Cognitive psychology theory -It  involves the study of internal mental processes, all of the things that go on inside your brain, including perception, thinking, memory, attention, language, problem-solving, and learning.
  • Constructivism theory -This  is the learning  theory that says learners construct knowledge rather than just passively take in information

 4. How might his family concerns be addressed?

  • The concerned of the family should be given the priority of protection. In case Albert Mitchell wishes to travel with his family, the family members  should be immunized in order to make the safe from being contracted or contracting the disease in Dubai. IN addition, even though they are left, they need still to be immunized so that so that after Mr. Albert comes back, he will not be able to contract them a disease in case he come back being a  a disease contact patients.


Step-by-step explanation

Immunization plays a very crucial part in the life of of a human, it  help protect future generations by eradicating diseases. Many infectious diseases are rare or eradicated now as a result of immunization programs. Therefore as long as the Vaccine is scientifically proven safe for human administration, its good people to take in order to save their life.