8 Pages Essay on Political Develop of Western Europe

  1. Choose one of the five prompts below.
  2. Answer the prompt in a paper that is 8 pages in length.
  3. Make sure you identify which prompt you are answering.
  4. Papers must be double spaced and have 1 inch margins and 12 point font Times New Roman
  5. Papers must include a Works Cited page.
  6. Similarity less than 10%
  7. Finish on time

    Choose one only:
    I. Explain the logic of bridging institutions and their significance
    (sources: lectures, Mann or Kurlantzick)
    II. Explain the paradox of electoral economics
    (sources: lectures)
    III. Explain the opposition to democracy
    (sources: lectures, Mann or Kurlantzick)
    IV. Explain the problematic consequences of radical redistribution for democratic stability
    (source: lectures, Bates or Mann)
    V. Explain the support for modern democracy
    (sources: lectures, Kurlantzick, Mann)