6 questions about Race Class and Gender in Social Work


These questions are related to (Race Class and Gender) in Social Work. So the sound of writing should be as a social worker.

I have attached the files that are related to this this work, and I will paste down the questions:

1. Look at the 2 powerpoints: Seasons, and Cool Pose. What did you learn? What would you add or expand? What is the greatest male challenge today? What can social workers do?

2. Look at the Text Synopsis readings. Do you agree about the role of sports in men’s lives? What are your opinions of all the readings?

3. Go to YouTube, “why boys are more violent than girls” by m4v. Do you agree, or are we just stereotyping?

4. Continue with YouTube. A) Look at Lupe Fiasco, “kick push,” Lupe Fiasco album version, Atlantic Records; B) “coulda been, full song” by Prestige 401K; C) “and he gets the girl” by Antoine Bandele. These materials show a young man in various formation stages. What is your reaction to this?

5. Continue with YouTube. We go to Morpheus Prime: A) “Return of the intellectual soul brother”; B) “keep your mind on your grind.” Are these effective? Are they already dated? How could they be more effective?

6. After looking at all of the material, what would you add?: by age group, by subject matter. What is usually left out in discussions of male psychology (if anything)?

Thank you.