350-500 papers


Write a 350-500 word argument analysis on the attached article, “Should Doctors Tell the Truth?” by Collins, accompanied by a 350-500 word critical discussion of the argument.(2 papers)

An argument analysis is not a summary. Instead, an analysis tells the reader what the main argument of the article is. It should state clearly what the author’s thesis is and how he defends it. What premises does he start from? How does he use these premises to reach his conclusion?

A critical discussion is not a review of an article. Instead, a critical discussion provides an assessment of the main argument of the article. It should raise substantive criticisms of the main argument of the article being discussed. Does the author reason from false premises? Do his premises fail to adequately support his conclusion? Are their potential objections that he does not consider?

  • When you claim that a writer said something, tell me where they said it. Both paraphrases and quotes should be accompanied by a page number
  • Don’t write as if your audience already agrees with you. Assume your audience is skeptical and you have to convince them.