3 questions reading assignment.

  • Write a 500 word response where you address each of the following questions below (your entire answer for all three questions needs to be only 500 words–not 500 words per question). Be sure to use textual evidence from the readings to support your statements. In other words, use quotes from the readings to support your answers. I need to see evidence that you have read the material.
  • Read the Discussion Participation Rubric to ensure that your responses follow the guidelines that I am requiring.

1. Why did Dave struggle in his poetry class? What might Dave and his teacher have done to improve Dave’s chances of success in that class?

2. Do you find the same variance in expectations of your writing from class to class that Dave experiences, or are the expectations you encounter more consistent? What have been your strategies so far for handling any differing expectations you’re finding? Does McCarthy’s work give you any ideas for different strategies?

3. In John Swales’s “Create a Research Space”, he mentions certain “writerly” academic moves that are usually made in academic writing:
a) Establishing a Territory
b) Establishing a Niche

After reading a description of these two moves, please explain one of these in your own words and discuss the difficulty of doing this in an academic paper.