3 pages Philosophy paper

In this assignment you are expected to analyze and reflect on some aspect of a reading.

Below are some sample questions. You are welcome to formulate your own topic/question. If so, please run it by me first. Please focus on ONE question and be detail about what you write. I PICKED 1st one
Please have a clear thesis statement !!!! Thank you!

  1. What is the difference between the cause and the content of our perception? What arguments does Descartes give for claiming that we cannot know that the cause of our perception matches, mirrors, or corresponds to its cause?
  2. Explain the steps of Descartes’ method of doubt as it is outlined in the first Meditation.
  3. What is the difference between an essentialist and a constructivist account of gender? Explain with reference to Wollstonecraft.
  4. Why does Nietzsche call his method “genealogical”? What does this method tell us about the nature of good and bad?

Things to consider:

Does your paper have a thesis?

Have you explained yourself clearly and precisely?

Have you avoided generalizations?

Have you raised a question or concern of your own about the topic you discuss?

Do all of your sentences and paragraphs clearly relate to your thesis and follow a logical order?